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Old-News: Anti-conglomerate Sentiment Rises

It’s a new year and once again time to clean some house.

This article is from earlier in the year but I hadn’t gotten around to finishing some of the points I was making. There were some interesting enough points that I hope to elaborate on later, so there is really no use in keeping it locked up forever.


The growing rebellion against anti-consumer tactics practiced by the MPAA & RIAA has organized.

No matter what camp you lie in, there is a lesson to be learned by this whole copyright ordeal. We are witnessing some of the first fits of a truly global Laissez-faire market (read: free market ). This resentment to the natural order of patenting is in part due to a fresher more globablly focused generation re-defining what it thinks is acceptable. Thanks in no part to the digital divide, it has become quite evident that the traditional “Patent the World” mindset is showing its fraility.

Why? – the laws are no longer in sync with society. The system is trying to reach a socially acceptable equilibirum.

When? – The Pirate Party is evidence that there is a growing movement of serious people willing to do serious things within the confines of current systems. This may later serve as a catalyst to legitimize “copyleft” ideals and force new planks into popular political thought. A large part of when or if this will happen will depend on the political climate of the US and like minded countries. Many laws concerning patents, ownership, and intellectual property are currently up for grabs in the States.


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DOJ files to block AT&T suit “under cover of night”

The Dept. of Justice went ahead and filed to dismiss the class-action wiretap/data-mine suit against AT&T, claiming it is protecting state secrets.

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Patented Silliness — Full body teleportation system

A true example of the flawed US Patent system at work.

Some other examples of the inventor's pending patent applications (original source):


[0001] This invention is a system that teleports a human being through hyperspace from one location to another using a pulsed gravitational wave traveling through hyperspace.


[0002] The basis for this invention is an event, referring to FIG. 1, occurring on May 2, 2004, in which the inventor ("he") personally experienced a full-body teleportation while walking to the bus stop (A) along a road (B) that runs perpendicular to the nearby commercial airport runways where planes are landing. There is a wide iron grating (D) for water drainage that crosses the road at the center of the bus stop. The grating width is such that one has to make a concerted effort to jump across it in order to get from one side to the other. Approximately 50 meters from the iron grating, he (E) felt a vertical wave (F), similar to a flag waving in the breeze, traveling down the street toward the bus stop. The wave velocity was about 1 meter per second, which was slightly faster than his walking speed. In the next instance, he (G) found himself down the street near the corner of the next block. Realizing that he had passed the bus stop, he turned around to see the iron grating approximately 50 meters up the street in back of him. Because there was no recollection of having jumped across the iron grating nor of having passed the bus stop's yellow marker line, he realized that he had been teleported a distance of 100 meters while moving along with the traveling wave. It was obvious that the wave was pulsed because the front edge overtook the inventor, moved with him momentarily, and then the back edge of wave left him as it moved on down the street. While contemplating this sequence of events, he then looked up and saw in a span of a few seconds a twin-turboprop airplane (C) in the distance crossing above the road while making a shallow descent in order to land at the airport.

[0003] It took a number of days in order to understand this sequence of events. The explanation involves knowledge of a wide range of subjects such as gravitation physics, hyperspace physics, wormhole electromagnetic theory and experimentation, quantum physics, and the nature of the human energy field."

— United States Patent Application 20060071122

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Senator To AT&T: You Don’t Own The Net

AT&T, Verizon and other telcos have been warning that they’re going to demand money from Google and other sites if those sites want adequate bandwidth. But now a senator is proposing to ban the practice, and is standing up to the telcos, who are acting more like a cybermafia than legitimate businesses.

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The Real Reason Microsoft Supports HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray: To Kill Them Both

Microsoft wants both Blu-ray and HD DVD to lose. You see, before Microsoft and Intel backed HD DVD, Toshiba was just about the only major consumer hardware brand backing HD DVD. Now, since Microsoft and Intel have hopped on to the HD DVD bandwagon and at least dragged HP part of the way there, HD DVD has become a much more viable option.

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Houston Police Chief Wants To Put Surveillance Cameras In Your Private Home

“I know a lot of people are concerned about Big Brother, but my response to that is, if you are not doing anything wrong, why should you worry about it?” – Police Chief Harold Hurtt

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Google rips Bush administration’s search request

Google called the Bush administration’s request for data on Web searches as “so uninformed as to be nonsensical” in papers filed in San Jose federal court Friday, arguing that turning over the information would expose its trade secrets and violate the privacy of its users.

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Senate Rejects Patriot Act Extension


Go Feingold!

The only one rational enough not to knee-jerk after 9/11 has certainly solidified his position.  I may not agree with his near-Socialist health care stances but he has almost earned my backing with this, his second move against the Patriot Act.

Read he article below for further details:

Senate Rejects Patriot Act Extension.

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