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Old-News: Anti-conglomerate Sentiment Rises

It’s a new year and once again time to clean some house.

This article is from earlier in the year but I hadn’t gotten around to finishing some of the points I was making. There were some interesting enough points that I hope to elaborate on later, so there is really no use in keeping it locked up forever.


The growing rebellion against anti-consumer tactics practiced by the MPAA & RIAA has organized.

No matter what camp you lie in, there is a lesson to be learned by this whole copyright ordeal. We are witnessing some of the first fits of a truly global Laissez-faire market (read: free market ). This resentment to the natural order of patenting is in part due to a fresher more globablly focused generation re-defining what it thinks is acceptable. Thanks in no part to the digital divide, it has become quite evident that the traditional “Patent the World” mindset is showing its fraility.

Why? – the laws are no longer in sync with society. The system is trying to reach a socially acceptable equilibirum.

When? – The Pirate Party is evidence that there is a growing movement of serious people willing to do serious things within the confines of current systems. This may later serve as a catalyst to legitimize “copyleft” ideals and force new planks into popular political thought. A large part of when or if this will happen will depend on the political climate of the US and like minded countries. Many laws concerning patents, ownership, and intellectual property are currently up for grabs in the States.


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