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SCO vs IBM finally drawing to a close?

It looks as if the judicial system is finally getting wise to SCO and its repeated refusals to offer specificity in regards to its infringement claims against IBM. Judge Well’s order granting IBM’s motion to limit SCO’s claims may well prove the deathblow to a majority of SCO’s case. Her order appears to be well researched and well founded, SCO would have to be a bit off-the-rocker to even consider an appeal… then again, this is SCO were talking about.

More news, including a link to the 39 page PDF of the order, is located over at Groklaw.


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Deconstructing databases with Jim Gray

There is a text interview up at The Register with database multi-genarian Jim Gray.

“Most companies have a tame “guru” – someone presented as a world authority on the subject in question and so amazingly intelligent that they are above the tacky world of commercialism.

Sadly, many such “gurus” merely debase the term and turn out to be exactly what you expect – mouthpieces for the marketing department.

Click here to find out more!One of the great exceptions to this rule is Jim Gray, who has managed to combine an outstanding academic career (you don’t win an ACM Turing Award for your attendance record) with a very practical one.—

I’ve always enjoyed Jim Gray’s progressive approaches to database design. Here are some Channel-9 videos of the man in action (Jim Gray – A talk with THE SQL Guru and Architect , Jim Gray – Part II of talking about Database Design). If you are not into watching videos, there is a quick synopsis at Spatially Enabled.

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MySQL gets cozy with Microsoft

Let me note that I can’t always discern MySQL’s competitive strategy. I understand they want to leverage their Windows user base by creating a VS compatible IDE, and I actually think it is a solid move.

I can’t shake the thought that this news comes right on the coat-tails of MySQL criticizing “crippled” closed source database freeware offerings. Now they are announcing that they are partnering with yet another head of the very same hydra. Will the partnership have an adverse effect on their bottom line as a support service provider when part of their software is externally dependant on a closed source competitor as historically anti-competitive as Microsoft?

MySQL gets cosy with Microsoft | The Register:

MySQL, the open source database firm, is to receive Microsoft marketing support along with Visual Studio technical integration. The company has paid $3,000 to become a member of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program in a move that will help cement the database’s use on Windows. MySQL joins more than 240 other ISVs also working with Microsoft.

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