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Researchers grow bone cells on carbon nanotubes

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have published findings that show, for the first time, that bone cells can grow and proliferate on a scaffold of carbon nanotubes.

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Are you Living in a Computer Simulation?

There is a significant probability that you are living in computer simulation. If the simulation hypothesis is true, you exist in a virtual reality simulated in a computer built by an advanced civilization. Your brain, too, is merely a part of that simulation. This is a very interesting read.

“You are in simulation. It’s called real-world.Taking account positions, mass and speed of all particles in Universe, applying physics laws – all our future is predictable.
Even particles inside brain will be possible to predict there they will appear and that you will think.”

actually due to the uncertainty principle you can’t.

  1. you’re wrong, its theoretically possible, but physically impossible. Go re-read heisenberg. We can’t determine with a sufficient degree of accuracy both the velocity and position of any given particle (hence probability waves, this is why it is said that electrons can exists in more than one place at a time), because whe need to modify something in order to measure these things.
  2. No, you forget that by looking at an atom, you change it. before you see it, its all the possibilities at once, it is only predeicted when you look at it, hence… you can’t predict the future of rthe simple reason that it hasn’t been written till you look at it. But then… if you would predict it, predicting it would change it and predict it, so predicting it would be like looking at it… you can’t predict the future, but on other hand, the predicting would predict it self. so the problem is that booth ways are right.


I’ve taken the liberty of posting a few of the more interesting users comments on the article above.

Consider for a moment Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and how it might relate in a presumably false reality. It could be mere fact that a civilization modeling our own does not obey the rules that are observed within our reality. After all, if this reality were an exact replica of the physical model of our observers, wouldn’t Heisenberg’s principle be applicable in their situation as well? This adds a layer of complexity to the mix that I find fascinatingly reflected in the thought experiment Schrodingers Cat.

Just take a brief moment to think about it.


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Senator To AT&T: You Don’t Own The Net

AT&T, Verizon and other telcos have been warning that they’re going to demand money from Google and other sites if those sites want adequate bandwidth. But now a senator is proposing to ban the practice, and is standing up to the telcos, who are acting more like a cybermafia than legitimate businesses.

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